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New Items - Books - Adult

Visions: Cainsville Novel 08/19/14
Armstrong, Kelley

Secrets of Foxworth 10/28/14
Andrews, V. C.

No Safe House 08/05/14
Barclay, Linwood

Beyond the Pale Motel 09/16/14
Block, Francesca

Painted Horses 08/05/14
Brooks, Malcom

Mean Streak 08/19/14
Brown, Sandra

One Kick 08/19/14
Cain, Chelsea

Midnight Plan of the Repo Man 10/28/14
Cameron, W. Bruce

New Items - Books - Young Adult

Famous Last Words 09/30/14
Alender, Katie

Vanishing Season 07/01/14
Anderson, Jodi Lynn

Book of David 06/03/14

Through to You 07/08/14
Barnholdt, Lauren

Things You Kiss Goodbye 06/24/14
Connor, Leslie

Madman of Piney Woods 09/30/14
Curtis, Christopher 

Rule of Thoughts 08/26/14
Dashner, James

Hunt for Jade Dragon 09/16/14
Evans, Richard Paul

New Items - Books - Childrens

Holiday Helper 10/16/14
Abramson, Jill

Cam Jansen and the Joke House Mystery 09/04/14
Adler, David

My Grandather's Coat 10/21/14
Aylesworth, Jim

If Kids Ruled the World 09/01/14
Bailey, Linda

Kate the Great, Except When She's Not 08/05/14
Becker, Suzy

Stanley the Builder 09/01/14
Bee, William

Stanley's Garage 09/01/14
Bee, William

Iron Trial 09/09/14
Black, Holly: Clare, Cassandra

New Items - Movies

Rio 2   07/15/14

Heaven is for Real 07/22/14

Sabotage (Arnold Schwarzenegger) 07/22/14

Transcendence (Johnny Depp) 07/22/14

Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club 07/22/14

Noah (Russell Crowe) 07/29/14

The Other Woman (Cameron Diaz) 07/29/14

Divergent (Shailene Woodley) 08/05/14

God's Not Dead (Kevin Sorbo) 08/05/14

Need for Speed (Aaron Paul) 08/05/14

Oculus 08/05/14

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